Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy

Swedish massage: A relaxing massage session focused on soothing life’s rigorous tensions away. Great for stressed and over worked muscles.

Remedial massage: Remedial massage will focus on the clients injuries, whether this be sports or general injury related. This type of massage suits everyone, not just for athletes. 

Thai foot massage:  The manipulation of the feet and lower limb area, incorporating some Swedish massage techniques. Great if you feel like your legs or feet need a revival.

Indian head massage: Focused on the head, neck, shoulders and applying stretching to remove any tension. Techniques are used to stimulate pressure points around the face. Great for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, insomnia and fatigue. It has also been known to aid in the relief of migraines.

Japanese hand massage: A unique blend of shiatsu, reflexology and acupressure to reduce stress, improving the body’s circulation and increases energy. This massage focuses on the hands and forearm, working the joints in the fingers beneficial to clients with arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Eastern facial massage:  A soothing face massage blending the techniques of Indian Head Massage and Japanese face massage, working the facial muscles and neck. Great for relieving stress and also improves your complexion.

On-site massage: A non-invasive massage being fully clothed on a special chair. This massage uses more acupressure techniques that are involved in manipulating the arms and neck joints. 

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Yes, we offer a strict full privacy policy.

Yes, the therapist can still offer certain massage techniques where the client can be fully or partially clothed.

No, this would be a breach of the clients privacy conditions.

Sports remedial massage can be slightly sore due to the therapist going deeper into the muscles, if the client is getting a relaxing massage this will be soothing and no discomfort involved. 

Times will vary depending on the massage treatment.

Should you fall asleep the therapist will wake you in a soft and relaxed manner.

Yes this is very normal as you are in an extremely relaxed state.

This is a choice that can be made by the client. Your therapist is there on hand to offer advice should you need it.